Cheap Bargain Chichen Itza Tickets : Journey To The Archaeological Site of Mayan

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For about two weeks, walking around Mexico and get experience about cheap bargaining especially the Chichen Itza Tickets.

I can conclude that everything exists in Mexico, we can also enjoy and visit it in Indonesia. But what is in Indonesia, not necessarily exist in Mexico. It’s except one thing that will be hard to find in Indonesia, that is Chichen Itza that is really good indeed.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is an ancient archaeological site of Mayan relics. And it’s number two most visited by tourists in Mexico after Teotihuacan Site, especially at the holiday. Chichen Itza began to rise and crowded by tourists since it was chosen as the New Seven Wonders in 2007. This archaeological site, chosen as the one of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.

From Cancun, there are many choices of tour packages to Chichen Itza. Even though the regular price is $ 109 / person. And, by using my ability for bargaining I can get $ 45 / person. It includes the services of tour guides, transportation, lunch, and Chichen Itza Tickets entry. The number of tickets ADO Bus there, almost $ 40 go home and go, not to mention excess other advantages.

Shortly after arriving at Chichen Itza, I immediately met a magnificent giant pyramid. Also, called the Pyramid of El Castillo or Kukulkan Temple. The pyramid is not only a religious center but also a center of astronomy. Each side has 91 steps and added one staircase at the top. It’s totaling 365 stairs indicating 365 days in one year of the Christian calendar. Armed with this information, the Maya can accurately predict the turn of the season. To know when the best time to grow crops. Through that pyramid, the ancient Mayan calendar created. Including, important religious dates.

We used to be allowed to climb the top of the pyramid in the past. But, since the incident of the death of a tourist due to fall in 2006, now no longer visitors allowed to climb the top of the Pyramid. The pyramid has even been fitted with a rope, all around. So, you can’t just to get close and try to touch now, even on holiday.

Places to Visit within the Complex of the Archaeological Site

In addition to the El Castillo Pyramids without using Chichen Itza Tickets. There are, several other places to visit within the complex of the Chichen Itza archaeological site. It includes the Sacred Cenote , the observatory tower “El Caracol“, the Temple of Warriors, and the largest Meso-American ball field in the world “the Great Ball Court“.

The Sacred Cenote: All Included in Chichen Itza Tickets

The Yucatan Peninsula is really a limestone simple and ingesting drinking water permeates about the underground forming rivers, streams, and swimming pools generally known as cenotes. Cenotes may be entirely protected, make use of a sinkhole or be entirely uncovered as is the situation using the Sacred Cenote. Its shape is similar to a lake or a small pond. It has a diameter of 60 meters (197 feet). And has a steep cliff to the rim that drops 27 meters (about 89 feet) into the green waters beneath.


El Caracol: All Included in Chichen Itza Tickets

El Caracol, which interprets to “spiral-formed” or further truly “snail”. It’s generally known as subsequent the winding staircase that rounds the inside in the valuable tower. The stacked ranges of the developing resemble a stocked stone statue employing a staggered staircase bringing about the vital tower in the present observatories.


The Great Temple

As to be expected, the Great Temple of the Warriors is a spectacular structure composed of a series of impressive columns, spacious patios, and halls. Built by Toltec conquerors in 950 AD, the building is similar to that of the main structure in the Toltec’s home city of Tula.

The temple made from four platforms, 200 round and square columns on the south and west sides. Temple of the Warriors shows evidence of being built over a preexisting structure. Look like many of the pyramids and other buildings in the Mayan world. The building spans 40 meters (131 feet) wide. The square columns carved with images of Toltec warriors. You still can see some traces of the paint. The columns held a roof likely made of palm and grass.


The Great Ball Court

The Chichén Itza Ball Court is the largest field in Mesoamerica. It has a length of around 168 with a width of 79 meters (551 x 230 feet), with a playing field that has 2.2 times the size of an American Football field. The walls surrounding the playing field have a length of 95 meters (312 feet) and a height of eight meters (26 feet). Inverted circles placed in the center of the wall are carved into decorative feathers. There are extraordinary panels of ballplayers along the interior walls.

The court is acoustically perfect. For example, if you scream to the northern wall, you can hear it clearly on the southern wall.

There has been some current dispute as to whether this particular ball court was ever used for. It’s used for the game or if it was a gigantic monument to the game and sacrificial victims


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