Denver Walking Tours : Best Time To Visit Denver Colorado

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Now I happen to be transiting for two days in the city of Denver. So, I take my time to register for the Denver Walking Tours event. Then, after that, register to stay at Hostel Fish.

In many big cities in the world, whether in Europe or in the Americas, “City Free Walking Tour” is a normal thing to do. It’s like in the city of Athens in Greece, Naples in Italy, Dublin in Ireland, and no exception in the city of Denver, Colorado. There are Denver Walking Tours Event.

Denver Walking Tours Colorado Capitol State Building
Colorado Capitol State Building

Denver Walking Tours

Apparently, this kind of activity is routinely held every day here. From the departure around 10 am from the Colorado Capitol State Building. And the finish line finally at Coors Field Stadium around 12 noon. And the distance is about 1.8 miles, about 29 km, far enough too, hehe.

Maybe at that time, the participants were quite a lot, a total of about 18 people. It’s mostly dominated by local tourists from Texas. But, there are also some original participants from Denver. They said they participated in this activity because they wanted to get to know Denver closer. Like the poet said, do not know then do not love.

Our tour guide was an experienced lady named Sherry. However, even though he looks old, it turns out he has a high and energetic spirit. Especially in telling all about the ins and outs of Denver. In addition, about the history of the city and the gossip that circulated around the buildings that stood lined up on the road we passed.

There is a story about City and County Building Denver whose construction is slow and not finished soon due to lack of funds. Market Street which was once known as the Red Light District. The reason that baseball pitchers are lazy to play in Denver because the air is thin. The Gossip about the blue bear statue in the Denver Convention Center, and many more exciting and interesting things in the city of Denver. Maybe if summarized in one book it will be very thick.

So, it’s not wrong if Tripadvisor recommends and enters Denver Walking Tours activity as “the must-do activity while in Denver”. It’s because besides being very good and fun, at the same time we can get to know the history and ins and outs of Denver as well, it’s amazing.

Denver Walking Tours - City and County Building Denver
City and County Building Denver
Denver Walking Tours - Denver Convention Center
Denver Convention Center

One Day Tour to Rocky Mountain National Park

In addition to following the Denver Walking Tours. The other interesting activities that are equally interesting are taking a one-day tour to Rocky Mountain National Park. In fact, the most enjoyable way to go to Rocky Mountain is to drive a private car, which can be rented around the city of Denver. Then, after arriving at the location proceed with camping in the open, while enjoying the immediate mountain air. But, because I don’t have an international driver’s license, the choice is to go on a tour.

Denver Walking Tours - Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

However, even though it only took a tour, the tour itself was designed so well. We didn’t have to bother to enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountain mountains and without having to find a good location to visit. During the tour, we were invited to pass some famous ski resorts, have lunch in the beautiful city on the shores of Lake Grand Lake City.  See a variety of wildlife, and peak hiking on Trail Ridge Road that is at an altitude of 12,183 ft (3,713 masl) or more than twice the height of Denver city that is one mile or 5,280 ft above sea level. You can imagine how cold the temperature is here, lol.

Denver Walking Tours - Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

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