Payment Guide

We accept payments via internet/ ATM fund-transfer or cash deposit machine
at the following bank:

BankAccount NumberAccount Holder's Name
Maybank512848303018VNET RESOURCES
Very Important Notices:

If you are making payment via M2U Fund-Transfer, you must enter
our email as the Recipient email. Otherwise,
please email us the Fund Transfer Confirmation like this.

If you are making payment via Cash Deposit Machine, you must write
your name and handphone number and send the bank-in slip to us
via WhatsApp (+60129398638) or email at .

If there isn't any Maybank near you, you may also use the
MEPS Interbank Fund Transfer (via ATM) service available in RHB Bank,
Public Bank, AmBank, EON Bank, Hong Leong Bank, etc.

You may also use online Inter-Bank-Fast-Transfer (IBFT) if your account
is not with Maybank.

Please avoid using Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) as it will take 1 working day
to get the cash deposited into our account. We will not wait for such period.

By CREDIT CARD via Paypal
We will send you an invoice via Paypal upon successfully processing your request. Please make payment according to the instruction by Paypal.

Important notes:
Our official email registered with PayPal is ;
Service charge of 5% is applicable wherever stated;
Amount is to be rounded-UP to the nearest Ringgit.
The transaction will appear in your credit card statement as