Amsterdam Travel Packages

Amsterdam Travel Packages : Summer Vacation With Amsterdam Trip Planner


Holiday Time! Enjoy your holiday at Amsterdam and feel the ‘Dutch’ impression, by using my Amsterdam Travel Packages recommendation.

First Day …


Amsterdam is the first city I visited in a summer vacation series in Europe. I chose Amsterdam isn’t because they said it was easier to get a Schengen visa from the Netherlands. Then, the other western European countries. And the visa price is also the cheapest because it does not use the services of third parties (VFS). However, since July 2016 the Dutch embassy has stopped serving tourist visas. Management must be through VFS which ultimately add cost again.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, I had no expectations whatsoever about his city. Understandably, I only have two days there, with not too much research. Most just find out some of the mainstream tourism objects and the cheapest way of impressions. However, after exploring, Amsterdam is a beautiful canal city that makes it hard to move on.


Amsterdam Travel Packages
Amsterdam Arrival Gate Schiphol

From Schiphol airport there are three ways to downtown, namely:
1. Using NS Train (price 4.2 euro + one euro, surcharge for a disposable ticket, stop at Amsterdam Central)
2. Take Bus Number 197 (price of five euros, stop at Museumplein and Leidseplein)
3. Ride GVB Bus no 69 (price 2.9 euro, stop at Amsterdam Sloterdijk)


As a wealthy base traveler, my recommendation for Amsterdam Travel Packages is choosing the cheapest way to get to the city center. Once calculated, taking into account the price of a single ticket and card pass prices in Amsterdam, the most efficient use of 24 Hour GVB tickets for 7.5 euros. Can be used for unlimited use of buses, metro and tram GVB (GVB brand transport company) for 24 hours after the card is activated.

This means I just have to ride GVB Bus number 69 from Schiphol to Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Then take the tram to the hotel. Check-in can go straight up and down the tram around Amsterdam for free because all trams in Amsterdam are operated by GVB. It can still be used the next day if it’s within the 24-hour range since it was first activated.

Activated Ticket

How to activate it is also quite easy. Stay on the stick on a machine near the bus/tram driver (check-in). If you want to go down must also be put again (check-out). So, every time you go up and down bus/tram. I can save a lot by using this 24 Hour GVB ticket

There are also other smart cards like OC-chip cards that resemble Octopus cards in Hong Kong or Amsterdam Region Ticket and Amsterdam Pass. However, after the calculation is calculated, it is still the most economical to use GVB Ticket 24-Hour if you just travel around Amsterdam. Here, my first day of using my Amsterdam travel packages.

Second Day …

Finally, on the second day, I bought an Amsterdam Region Ticket. It’s because my next Amsterdam travel packages were going to Zaanse Schans and Volendam. Both places are outside Amsterdam so GVB tickets are not covered. So, use the Amsterdam Region Ticket card for 13.5 euros which can be used for unlimited use of GVB, EBS, and Connexxion transportation tools for 24 hours from the time it is activated.

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a village famous for its traditional windmills. Can be reached by using the train or ride Connexxion Bus no 391. According to people, if you ride the train will walk very far from the nearest station to Zaanse Schans (about one km) so it’s better to ride the bus there. Get off at the last stop, right in front of the Zaanse Schans Museum or five minutes walk, to the village gate.

Amsterdam Travel Packages
Amsterdam Zaanse Schans
Amsterdam Travel Packages
Amsterdam Zaanse Schans Windmill

In addition to conventional windmills, in Zaanse Schans there are also ancient wooden houses typical of the Netherlands. And there is museum shops sell a variety of souvenirs and some traditional factories such as cheese factories and liquor factories that can be entered for free.


While Volendam is a fishing village that can be reached 30 minutes ride Bus no 316 from Amsterdam Central. Formerly a resident of Volendam profession as a traditional fisherman. However, along with the construction of dams around the village which resulted in reduced fish catches, they switched professions in the tourism sector.

Usually, people come to Volendam to take pictures of Dutch mistress at the many photos studios scattered there. It costs 20 euros for two people, including hardcopy photos and CDs containing soft files. After photos can continue to walk around the port, or just hang out at the café while looking at the ship back and forth.

Amsterdam Travel Packages
Volendam House
Amsterdam Travel Packages
Volendam Port

The houses in Volendam have distinctive architecture different from the wooden houses in Zaanse Schans or typical buildings in Amsterdam. The atmosphere is calm and deeply felt the rustic feel of the countryside. If you want to buy cheap souvenirs, it seems Volendam is a suitable place. It’s because I often find similar souvenirs at cheaper prices than in Amsterdam or Zannse Schans.

Some of the windmills at Zaanse Schans, do charge entry, but some can be accessed for free like the De Huisman windmill. Inside we can see some ancient grinding machines that are still operating and manually driven by windmills.


After visiting Zaanse Schans and Volendam it turned out, I still had some time left. Finally, I decided to go to the floating flower market on Bloemenmarkt and the street market on the Albert Cuypstraat. To go to Bloemenmarkt, just take the number 16 tram from Amsterdam Central to get off at Muntplein, then continue walking for about 10 minutes.

Amsterdam Travel Packages

In addition to selling various types of flowers, the flagship souvenirs are in the form of tulip seeds that are inserted into traditional Dutch shoes. Actually, I wanted to buy it, but was afraid of being confiscated at the airport because it still had to stop in some countries before returning home. If only Amsterdam was the last stop, I would definitely bring a few packs home. The price is also not very expensive for a unique gift.

Albert Cuypstraat

Whereas Albert Cuypstraat can be reached by taking the number 16 tram down on the Albert Cuypstraat. Albert Albert Cuypstraat is a kind of street that has been transformed into a street market like Ladies Market in Hong Kong, but with European Twist and said to be the biggest throughout Amsterdam. Selling a variety of items ranging from clothing, household needs, souvenirs, to typical Dutch snacks such as waffles, poffertjes, herring broodies with friendly prices. The hours are from 09.00-17.00, Monday to Saturday.

Amsterdam Travel Packages
Albert Cuypstraat

Having only one full day for around Amsterdam travel packages, I am quite satisfied to be able to visit many places even in a limited time. Indeed, I have not had time to go to Edam, Marken, Keukenhof, and Madurodam, but the place I went to, left quite a deep “Dutch” impression. Hopefully still be able to meet again in the future.

Bye Amsterdam, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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