Traveling In Osaka - Japan Umeda Sky Building
Japan Umeda Sky Building

Traveling In Osaka | Cheap Japan Trip Packages All Inclusive


The most enjoyable Traveling In Osaka is using the Osaka Amazing Pass. With that magic card, we can enter free at 30 popular places in Osaka, ranging from Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Tsutetankaku Tower, and Onsen Traditional. It also includes the unlimited use of buses and subways within the city. It costs 2,300 Yen for one day pass, but while its two days pass is priced at 3,000 Yen.

In order to maximize its use, visit nearby places in Umeda Sky Building, HEP Five Ferris Wheel, and Onsen Naniwa no Yu in the Kita area. Or visit Osaka Castle, Okawa River Sakura Cruise, and Nakanoshima Night View Cruise are in one area and close together.


Traveling In Osaka
Japan Osaka Castle
Traveling In Osaka
Japan Iconic Crab Restaurant

Note also the operational hours of each place because the new average is open at 9-10 am and close around 9 pm, except the Onsen that is open until 1 am. All places have been passed the subway route. So the access to the place is really easy. For two days there, I can visit five places and save up to 2500 Yen. That’s why Traveling In Osaka is so much fun.

Kaiyukan Aquarium

In addition to the places on the cover of Osaka Pass, another place to visit is Kaiyukan Aquarium. Mentioned as the world’s largest aquarium, Kaiyukan consists of 27 aquarium tanks and 16 habitat displays. Various species of marine animals can be seen there ranging from beavers, penguins, seals, dolphins, manta, jellyfish, and of course, whale sharks that became iconic Kaiyukan.

Traveling In Osaka
Penguin at Kaiyukan Aquarium Japan
Traveling In Osaka
Sharks at Kaiyukan Aquarium , Japan
Traveling In Osaka
Kaiyukan Aquarium, Japan

Universal Studio Japan (USJ)

If already Traveling In Osaka, very unfortunate if not all stop by Universal Studios Japan (USJ). From Indonesia, USJ entry tickets can purchased through online or by using HIS-Travel. But, if you buy online, the website is using the Japanese, so I only choose to buy in HIS. At least by buying a ticket in advance, we can avoid the long queue.

Traveling In Osaka - Universal Studio Japan
Universal Studio Japan

Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP)

Since the WWHP was built, it’s the favorite rides there. Of course, this place must be first to visit. Make entry required a kind of “time entry-ticket”, meaning we are allowed to enter at certain hours. The “time entry ticket” picket counter is located near the entrance of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP). The sooner we come, the sooner we turn in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP). At that time I came at 9:30 am, and was allowed to enter at 10.30. He said if he entered Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP) kept out, should not re-entry (re-entry). However, in fact I can go there again fitting night even without the “time entry ticket”. Hahahha, However, please do not imitate ya!


Traveling In Osaka
Japan Hogwarts Castle

Wizarding World of Harry Potter really designed to look like Harry Potter books. It includes from Hogwarts Castle, Honeydukes Candy store, Hogsmeade village, Olivander Wand shop, Hogwarts Express train, and Zonko joke shop. There are two main attractions in Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP), Flight of the Hippogriff and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (HPFJ). The Flying Hippogriff is a kind of roller coaster game for two minutes. And, the HPFJ is a 4D movie attraction while watching on a chair running on a rail. In my opinion, it’s the coolest attraction in the world.

WWHP Honeydukes

Traveling In Osaka
Japan WWHP Honeydukes

In addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP), there are many other interesting attractions in the USJ such as roller coasters that retreated in Hollywood Dream, 360-degree roller coasters in the Flying Dinosaur, water rides in Jaws, 3D Terminator movies and the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, and many more. I’ve never been to Universal Studio Orlando, but if Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is compared to that in Hollywood and Singapore, which in Japan is definitely better.

Traveling In Osaka - Japan River Cruise
Japan River Cruise
Traveling In Osaka - Japan Umeda Sky Building
Japan Umeda Sky Building

While being in Osaka, it would be nice if all the way to Nara

Happy Holidays Vnet Readers!

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