Visit Hollywood Sign
Griffith Observatory

Visit Hollywood Sign | Travel Packages of Los Angeles USA


Visit Los Angeles, and being able to Visit Hollywood Sign, will bring a special sensation to some people. However, not so for me, who already expect more.

Visit Hollywood Sign
Visit Hollywood Sign

To be honest, I think the city of Los Angeles is one city in the United States that can be considered quite “excessive”. Maybe it’s because I watch too many Hollywood movies, so I expect too much. However, in fact, the city is ordinary, not as amazing as what people say, even tend to be boring.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame, was once the most famous throughout California. However, now it looks old-fashioned and out of date. I am tired of narcissistic on the sidewalk, as well as taking pictures in the Chinese Theater with the background of the trio of Harry Potter. Even the waxworks of Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, the Hollywood Museum, and the Ripley’s believe it or not Museum, do not show me entrance. In addition to impressed, “tourist really”, I also have entered the Madam Tussaud Museum in Hong Kong. Anyway if you want to take pictures with wax dolls, cannot go all the way to the United States, in Bangkok and Singapore also can.

Visit Hollywood Sign - Madame Tussauds
Visit Hollywood Sign – Madame Tussauds
Visit Hollywood Sign Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall

Universal Studio Hollywood (USH)

Universal Studio Hollywood (USH) is said to be the best of its time, not very good. Still good Universal Studio Singapore (USS) instead. Probably because it’s newer, so the USS feels more medium and edgier. Some extras in the USS are even made better at USH and with longer duration, call it Revenge of the Mummy, Jurrasic Park, and Transformer.
The only advantage of USH is in its legendary Tour Studio. The attractions are a tram-ride tour around real Hollywood movie studios such as the location of taking pictures of Desperate Housewives series and War of the Worlds. Then, before the tour ends, we will be invited to watch between Kingkong vs Dinosaurs in 3D and 360 degrees directly from the top of the tram. Well, so this is cool.

Visit Hollywood Sign Universal Studio Hollywood
Universal Studio Hollywood

A transformer at Universal Studio Hollywood

As the 2nd largest city in the United States, Los Angeles is populated by various tribes and races, making this city very diverse. Can be proven from immigrant settlement areas such as in Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Korea Town, and Little Armenian. Suitable for culinary tourists if again miss Asian cuisine. Unfortunately, the store and the restaurant do not open until late at night. I’m who to Chinatown at 9 o’clock at night even feels strange because the streets are really dark and lonely.

Visit Hollywood Sign Transformers

Griffith Observatory

Of all the places in Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory is my favorite place. Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles) is an observatory and planetarium located south of Mount Hollywood. Located 1,134 feet on the surface of the sea, we can just enjoy the cool scenery on his right. The example of Hollywood Sign is clearly visible from up there.

Griffith Observatory is open for public from 12:00 am to 22:00 pm and from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm every weekend, but closes every Monday. To go there, can use the metro red line, down in Vermont / Sunset, then out at the exit sunset. From there, still, have to ride the LA Dept Of Transport (LADOT) bus that only runs during the weekend. A Bus Stop is right at the traffic light crossroads, just wait with the words “To Observatory” in the glass. Once up the tariff is $ 0.50 for adults and $ 0.25 for children.

Visit Hollywood Sign
Griffith Observatory

Santa Monica

If you get bored with the atmosphere of the city of Los Angeles like that, can go to Santa Monica, a pretty beach town, about 1-hour drive from downtown. Or can also go to Venice Beach, the location of filming Baywatch, also to Malibu, the favorite beach of Hollywood celebrities. Unfortunately, I went there during the weekend so the streets jammed so much.
Arriving in Santa Monica also, I became hard because the road must be jostled with the sea of a human. However, Santa Monica is really good not far from there.

Visit Hollywood Sign Santa Monica
Los Angeles Santa Monica

Transport Tips

Airport to the city center the main airport in Los Angeles is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Tourists are usually made through this airport and to his center can use:

  • LAX FlyAway
  • LAX City Bus
  • Metro Rail
  • Taxi, UBER
  • Car Rental (car rental available at the airport)

I was using LAX FlyAway from Airport to downtown. Payment can only be via credit card, payable on FlyAway Counter upon arrival at Union Station. After showing the proof of payment, then we can take the luggage in the bus driver. For the opposite route (Union Station-LAX), we must pay the ticket first at the new Union Station by bus.

In addition to LAX there are several other airports in Los Angeles that it’s good to know like:

  • Long Beach Airport
  • Burbank Airport
  • Orange Country / John Wayne Airport
  • Ontario Airport

Rental Car

Public transportation in Los Angeles already includes all tourist attractions unless you want a trip to San Diego or Las Vegas, can rent a rental car in LAX. Just keep in mind, the inner city traffic in Los Angeles is stuck. It will take a lot of time to visit Hollywood sign.


Metro in Los Angeles already includes all tourist destinations except for Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Griffith Observatory. If you want to go to the place must ride a public bus or if you do not want to bother ride.

Visit Hollywood Sign Metro
Los Angeles Metro

Compared to Metro in New York, Metro in LA is much cleaner and more modern. Once the tariff increases $ 1.75 so if you want to save money mending one day pass $ 7 or weekly pass $ 25. Uniquely in some Metro stations are in the open space, without a fence, without the entrance. So actually, we can ride the Metro without buying a ticket, but if we are rushed or taxable get ready to pay penalty.

Public Bus

For public buses, there are three types: Local (orange), Rapid (red), and Express (blue). When in a hurry use the Express Bus that stops less. We can use the unlimited bus, with just stay TAP, by using Metro Day Pass or Weekly Pass.

Taxi / UBER

This option is recommended if you want to travel practically to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. Griffith Observatory is not passed by Metro route, or if again lazy hiking to Visit Hollywood Sign.

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